Past Presidents

The inspiration of starting the Chapter of this kind in this area (BHEL, Ranipet) started with a person in BHEL /Ranipet only.  The person after laying his hands in various organizations dejected, determined to do something for the people and thereby elevating and getting benefitted for himself in growth and prosperity.  Why we tell this is that we all have learnt in schools and colleges which has given life for us for well being today.  The little knowledge we acquired and little wealth we possess grows only when we share and care to make the world a better place of living with harmony

This learning to be continous and growing, we all have joined this organization, knowingly or unknowingly.  But we have to be rest assured only this organization in the world is committed towards individual development through various training programmes.  By conducting training programmes, we develop ourselves intellectually and be current creating current towards creation of a positive change in the society during our livelihood in this world.

That way all the real jaycees who believe this organization have grown in their life in turn living as legends as good citizens and leaders.  This is objective for which the organisaiton across the world has been formed by Henry Geisneberg in 1910.

So once again we wish  to remind everyone in this house that the TIME AND MONEY WE INVEST ON JAYCEES ARE FOR OUR OWN PERSONAL GROWTH.    So we also appeal to the youth that this is the best organization for youth in this world for leadership development and would help you grow in life in the path destined for you. 

Past Presidents

1996 Jc.Mohan Kumar
1997 Jc.Senthil Rajan
1998 Jc.Sivagurunathan
1999 Jc.Sabapathy
2000 Jc.R.Baskaran
2001 Jc.Bhuvanalakshmi
2002 Jc.Venugopal
2003 Jc.Elango
2004 Jc.Elangovan
2005 Jc.B.Gopikannan
2006 Jc.Ravindran
2007 Jc.Sasindur
2008 Jc.Porkodi
2009 Jc.Bharathi
2010 Jc.K Baskaran
2011 Jc.Ramesh Babu
2012 Jc.G Sugumar
2013 Jc.N Vinoth Kumar
2014 Jc.J Senthil Murugan
2013 Jc.Janaki Rama Raja
2014 Jc.K.Kumaresan